First Cocoa Daisy Dori Traveler’s Notebook kit!

I’ve been really enjoying playing with Traveler’s Notebooks and I just received my first Daisy Dori monthly kit!I’m looking forward to decorating it and using it as a planner, memory keeper, and journal! 

Check out the unboxing :


July planner set up in Traveler’s notebook 

I decorated a blank faux Traveler’s Notebook to function as my July planner, memory keeper, and journal, all in one. I thought July would be the perfect time (aside from January) to start this out and see how I like it. I can never seem to keep up with cute weekly planner spreads and daily memory keeping. This might just be my perfect solution.

I love the way it is looking and happy to be able to start using it. I just subscribed to the Cocoa Daisy “Daisy Dori” kit that will start for the month of August. I had so much fun with this, I kind of wish I didn’t make the 6 month commitment. I have plans to decorate make more inserts for different things. I still need to get a midori or fauxdori to put my Traveler’s notebooks in though!!!

For a complete flip through:

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Second batch of layouts 

I’ve completed four more layouts using the Citrus Twist July Scrapbooking Kit. I feel the most freedom around this time of the kit, wanting to try different techniques and ideas.

There are some layouts that I’m not sure are done yet, so I like to stop and come back to it later. Sometimes I leave them the way they are and sometimes I add more to them. I’m not sure if this layout is complete or not, but had fun using some hand stitching and using some non traditional Disney colors.

Here are a few more of the layouts: 

I noticed that I’m running out of embellishments in the kit. I ordered extra paper this month so I will have to keep this in mind.

This video goes through my thought process and more details of my layouts.

Time for a break! I am going to pack up the rest of the items in an iris container and open it back up in a week or two. This helps me look at what is left with a fresh pair of eyes and I am a bit tired of looking through the same supplies.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a crafty day!

First layout creations scrapping with a kit

 At this point in working with a kit, I have matched up some photos with paper.

Ideally, I like to start with the papers I love. This helps stretch their usage, and I feel like I can enjoy them more.


I look on the back side of my favorite papers. If there are any designs on the back I like, I start with those. This way, they will be available for layering in the first layouts and future layouts. I also go through the other papers, and decide which I can also use for  layering.


I go through all of the embellishments and pull aside the ones that might work with the first few layouts in a pile.

If the alphas don’t work for them, I find some possible options from my stash.

Then….. I see what happens! Of course things don’t always turn out the way I planned or thought it would turn out but it’s all a creative process!

Here are some photos of my first few layouts.

Watch my thought process and how my first layouts and project life spreads turn out here:

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Pocket Letters and Flipbook style Happy Mail

  I stopped Scrapbooking and Card Making for about 6-7 years. There was a local scrapbook store that I would still stop by during those dry years. My scrapbooking hobby turned into my scrapbooking shopping hobby for a while. 

About a year ago, I found Pocket Letters and Planning online. I could not keep my planner looking pretty with all of my messy notes so that didn’t last long, but I loved making and receiving pocket letters! They led me to a brand new inspiration to scrapbook! 

I now continue to exchange pocket letters and flipbook style happy mail. Here are some more photos and a video share. 


Picking pictures for your scrapbooking kit

This is the second installment of a new series, “Through a Kit”. This series goes through my thought process and ideas while creating layouts with a kit, from beginning to end.

In this video, I explain how I pick photos to use for the kit.

I usually have photos I want to scrap already printed because I don’t print my photos at home. I start by looking through these photos and selecting ones that may work with the kit.

As I select photos, I like to use a post it to slightly attach it to the paper. If I have any ideas for the layout, I make note of them on the same post it. I also take into consideration any challenges and sketches that I have want to do.

Of course every kit is different, and my initial plans may change, but this is the thought process that I go through.


  • What photos will match specific  papers?
  • What photos match in color or theme to the general hues of the kit?
  • Are there any papers that I want to use for another type of project? (Card, Happy Mail, etc)


  • Do I have any layouts or projects that I need to make a priority?
  • Which paper(s) can I use for those photos/projects?


  • What are the themes in the kit?
  • Are there any photos that would match those themes?


  • Print any photos that I want to use that I don’t already have printed.
  • Decide which layouts I want to start with. For me, these are the layouts that use the papers that I want prominently showing.

Thank you for joining me today! The next video and blog post in this series will show the first few layouts that I have created.

Bible Journaling

I have been hesitant about Bible Journaling because I keep thinking that it needs to be perfect, even though I know that God knows EXACTLY how imperfect I am.

I have done a few pages before, but this is the first page I did with more freedom.

I used 3 Dylusions sprays, some diecuts from the July Citrus Twist Grace Box, and vellum alpha stickers. I had used the se combination of inks on a different project and it felt so celebratory, this Psalm 150!

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