My 2017 Crafty Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2017. My family and I had a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season and I am looking forward to finish documenting it. 

I was thinking about what I want my 2017 “Crafty Goals” to be. I wrote them down a few weeks ago but they didn’t quite feel right so I sat on them and changed some of them. Now they feel just right. 
1. Quality over quantity – Looking back on this past year, there are many layouts I am not that happy with, but wanted to finish scrapping that memory and use my supplies. I want to get into the mindset of memory keeping with intent, rather than just scrapping it to scrap it. 

2. Monthly Project Life Spread – This may sound contradictory to my first goal, but I feel that by having a monthly spread, I can include the pictures and moments that I want to capture but I didn’t have time to or felt inspired to dedicate a whole page for. I plan on putting my 12×12 layouts in between the monthly spread and hopefully have a more organized album at the end of the year. 

3. Purge and organize – I have too much stuff! I am enjoying Christmas crafting so much because I have less supplies to work with and that are more organized. 

4. Organize albums – I have a stack of layouts that are sitting on my bookshelf. I want to organize them. There is something very special and satisfying about having complete albums. 

Here’s to a more intentful, organized, and creative 2017! 


2 thoughts on “My 2017 Crafty Goals

  1. I’m with you Janet, I too get sidetracked by too much stuff where I don’t finish and then start something else… It’s my year of “Use What You Have” and finishing what I began. Intentional and Vision were my words for 2016 and this year it is FIRST. It keeps coming back to me that I need to put God First (Seek ye first the kingdom of God) and everything else will fall in to place. I look forward to each of your videos and thoughtful commentary. Be Blessed in 2017! Aloha, chiyo higa smith


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