Second batch of layouts 

I’ve completed four more layouts using the Citrus Twist July Scrapbooking Kit. I feel the most freedom around this time of the kit, wanting to try different techniques and ideas.

There are some layouts that I’m not sure are done yet, so I like to stop and come back to it later. Sometimes I leave them the way they are and sometimes I add more to them. I’m not sure if this layout is complete or not, but had fun using some hand stitching and using some non traditional Disney colors.

Here are a few more of the layouts: 

I noticed that I’m running out of embellishments in the kit. I ordered extra paper this month so I will have to keep this in mind.

This video goes through my thought process and more details of my layouts.

Time for a break! I am going to pack up the rest of the items in an iris container and open it back up in a week or two. This helps me look at what is left with a fresh pair of eyes and I am a bit tired of looking through the same supplies.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a crafty day!


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