First layout creations scrapping with a kit

 At this point in working with a kit, I have matched up some photos with paper.

Ideally, I like to start with the papers I love. This helps stretch their usage, and I feel like I can enjoy them more.


I look on the back side of my favorite papers. If there are any designs on the back I like, I start with those. This way, they will be available for layering in the first layouts and future layouts. I also go through the other papers, and decide which I can also use for  layering.


I go through all of the embellishments and pull aside the ones that might work with the first few layouts in a pile.

If the alphas don’t work for them, I find some possible options from my stash.

Then….. I see what happens! Of course things don’t always turn out the way I planned or thought it would turn out but it’s all a creative process!

Here are some photos of my first few layouts.

Watch my thought process and how my first layouts and project life spreads turn out here:

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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