Picking pictures for your scrapbooking kit

This is the second installment of a new series, “Through a Kit”. This series goes through my thought process and ideas while creating layouts with a kit, from beginning to end.

In this video, I explain how I pick photos to use for the kit.

I usually have photos I want to scrap already printed because I don’t print my photos at home. I start by looking through these photos and selecting ones that may work with the kit.

As I select photos, I like to use a post it to slightly attach it to the paper. If I have any ideas for the layout, I make note of them on the same post it. I also take into consideration any challenges and sketches that I have want to do.

Of course every kit is different, and my initial plans may change, but this is the thought process that I go through.


  • What photos will match specific  papers?
  • What photos match in color or theme to the general hues of the kit?
  • Are there any papers that I want to use for another type of project? (Card, Happy Mail, etc)


  • Do I have any layouts or projects that I need to make a priority?
  • Which paper(s) can I use for those photos/projects?


  • What are the themes in the kit?
  • Are there any photos that would match those themes?


  • Print any photos that I want to use that I don’t already have printed.
  • Decide which layouts I want to start with. For me, these are the layouts that use the papers that I want prominently showing.

Thank you for joining me today! The next video and blog post in this series will show the first few layouts that I have created.


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