Having fun with watercolors!

I tried using watercolor masking fluid for the first time to make my background paper. I traced a heart and let the fluid dry. Then I watercolored on the whole page. The masking fluid rubs right off.

I used a small stamp with yellow ink to define the space within the heart a bit more and went from there. This layout was a lot busier than layouts I’ve been making recently but I am happy with how it ended up looking. I’m finding that I can use a lot more color when the picture is black and white. In this case, the photo was taken in black and white originally.

The story behind the title, “Be you and dress with style”, was inspired by a story that my mother shared with me. She grew up in a small village among rice fields (no joke). After she moved to Tokyo for work, she started dressing with more style. When she went home for a visit, her family told her to remove bobby pins from her hair and dress down as to not attract any attention from fellow villagers. I think she enjoyed living here a lot more where she could wear what she wanted and put in as many bobby pins in her hair as she wanted.

I wish I didn’t draw in the feet for the bird below because it interferes with the stamped word “with” but creating isn’t perfect (and birds need legs.)


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