Bullet Journaling – Taking the plunge!

Last year I tried planning in a Traveler’s Notebook insert. The year before I tried planning in a traditional planner. I didn’t use either of them because I wanted to keep them more pretty and not scribble in them. 

This year I have decided to try bullet journaling. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, check out the Bullet Journal website of the man who came up with this system. It can be very simple or make it as fancy as you want. 

I like the idea because you can change it along the way and figure out what works for you. I set up my 2017 goals and such in the first few pages. 

So far, I have been enjoying going through it in the evening and seeing what the next day has in store for me.

Here is a video where I through how I set it up for 2017. 


My favorite 2016 Scrapbook Layouts

While organizing my 2016 scrapbook album, I picked out my 12 favorite layouts that I made in 2016. 

I definitely enjoyed the process but I also found some common themes that I want to remember when making future layouts. 

  • Ten out of twelve of them take up a lot of space and are mostly centered
  • The two that are not came together very quickly and organically
  • The designs, colors, and materials I used matched both the photos and personal feeling of the memory 
  • The materials weren’t necessarily my favorite items or from a collection line that I was super excited about

Thanks for visiting today friends! Hope your 2017 is starting off as a very crafty year!

My 2017 Crafty Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2017. My family and I had a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season and I am looking forward to finish documenting it. 

I was thinking about what I want my 2017 “Crafty Goals” to be. I wrote them down a few weeks ago but they didn’t quite feel right so I sat on them and changed some of them. Now they feel just right. 
1. Quality over quantity – Looking back on this past year, there are many layouts I am not that happy with, but wanted to finish scrapping that memory and use my supplies. I want to get into the mindset of memory keeping with intent, rather than just scrapping it to scrap it. 

2. Monthly Project Life Spread – This may sound contradictory to my first goal, but I feel that by having a monthly spread, I can include the pictures and moments that I want to capture but I didn’t have time to or felt inspired to dedicate a whole page for. I plan on putting my 12×12 layouts in between the monthly spread and hopefully have a more organized album at the end of the year. 

3. Purge and organize – I have too much stuff! I am enjoying Christmas crafting so much because I have less supplies to work with and that are more organized. 

4. Organize albums – I have a stack of layouts that are sitting on my bookshelf. I want to organize them. There is something very special and satisfying about having complete albums. 

Here’s to a more intentful, organized, and creative 2017! 

Ready, Set, December Daily!

For those not in the paper crafting world, “December Daily” is basically some form of memory keeping of every day in December. Last year I got off to a late start and only did days 15-31. This year, I want to complete it.

It keeps me aware of what my day is and will be like. It helps me stay in the moment and enjoy the little things. It even helps me want to go out and do more festive things and have new experiences. It makes me live every day in December with more intention, and remember what Christmas is all about.

This year, I have prepared myself better by creating some foundation pages and ideas. I’m ready!

Memory keeping in Traveler’s Notebooks

There are memories in my life that I want to document that somehow don’t quite feel “big” enough to create a full 12×12 scrapbook layout for. I know Project Life is a great way to document small moments (& big moments) but I don’t feel inspired to do a weekly spread. 

I started to create some layouts in a Traveler’s Notebook sized insert. I am absolutely loving it so far. It is a perfect way to memory keep some every day moments. I also feel I can be more open and frank with the journaling. (I sometimes share my scrapbook albums with friends and family.)

This is my most recent layout:

Process video:

Thanks for reading everybody! Have a wonderful Thankgiving. 

Scrapbooking Process Videos

When I got back into Scrapbooking a little over a year ago, watching Scrapbook Process videos inspired me a lot. I have finally gotten set up to be able to make process videos again. 

I am slowly making an album for my niece who recently had an adorable little baby. This is my most recent layout I made to add to her scrapbook. 

Some close ups, followed by my process video. 

How kits have taught me to hoard less 

I have officially crafted with a monthly kit for one year. It got me back into scrapbooking after about a 7 year break. It has helped me in many ways, and I’ve become so used to it, it is hard to work without a kit now. 

However, the most important thing I have gained from working with a monthly kit is learning to use new supplies and I actually enjoy using them up. This does not mean that I don’t cherish or love my supplies any less. This also doesn’t mean that I completely stopped hoarding things, but I don’t nearly as much as I used to. 

Cutting a 12×12 paper that I absolutely love was a hard thing to learn to do. I would often find myself thinking that I might have another photograph or project that I might want to use it for in the future. I used to buy duplicates of the same paper because I might need two of them for a future project or I like both sides of it.

In the past year, I have bought just a few duplicates from things I received in my kits. The duplicates are all sitting in my stash right now. Maybe I will learn to stop doing that, but I am proud of myself for only buying a few duplicates. This has also translated to me not buying duplicates in stores.

A big part of learning how to do this was realizing how much I can “stretch” a piece of paper, or a sticker sheet. It is possible to use even a small part of a paper and still have it be highlighted in a layout. 

I also learned that if I ever want to see that paper (or embellishment), all I have to do is look in my album. That sounds so silly, but it is new to me.

When I use that last scrap or last piece of ephemera, I feel satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment. Again, that sounds silly, but it is new to me.

Knowing that I will receive a new kit filled with new goodies every month reasures me that there will be more “favorites” in the future and I don’t need to hoard what I just got. Receiving the kit every month also pushes me to scrap more and more consistently. I did have a few months where I didn’t touch my kits but I am mostly caught up now. It helps me keep track of time in a way.

I had an a-ha moment (that again sounds so ridiculously obvious but it  was a big moment for me) a few months ago. If I want my stash to shrink, I actually have to use everything new that I get and then some. I looked around my craft room and realized I will never be able to use it all up, even though I bought everything with the intention of using every bit of it. I purged and donated a big lot of my stash after realizing this. 

This is the newest Citrus Twist Kit I have received and I can’t wait to use it all up and see what comes out of it! (It was also a reminder to me that I still have supplies left from last month’s kit and I better get a move on it.) 

Enjoy crafting everyone!